Dec 30, 2009

The Good from 2009

Best Songs of 2009

Dear readers if you expect to find "Poker Face" on this list, you have the wrong blog list, no I don't like Lady Gaga, or Shakira so forget about "She Wolf" or anything like that.
My post is about the songs I think are the best of this 2009, I hope some of you agree with me, and I you don't well... ASK ME IF I CARE (hahaha) one way or another if you enjoy my list let me know.

  • 20-Stellastarr*-Prom Zombie (Civilized)
    19-The Xx-Infinity (The Xx)
    18- Kings of Convenience-Me in you (Declaration of Dependance)
    17- Franz Ferdinand-Katherine Kiss me (Tonight)
    16- Julian Casablancas-11 th Dimension (Phrazes for the Young)
    15- The Temper Tramp-Sweet Disposition (500 Days of Summer OST)
    14- Franz Ferdinand-No You Girls Never Know (Tonight)
    13- Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Runaway (It's a Blitz!)
    12- Arctic Monkeys-Cornerstone (Humbug)
    11- Kings Of Convenience-Boat behind ( Declaration of Dependace)

  • 10- The Raveonettes-Suicide (In and Out of Control)
    9- The Xx-Crystalised (The Xx)
    8-Phoenix-Liztomania (Wolfang Amadeus Phoenix)
    7- Empire of The Sun-Walking on a Dream (Walking on a Dream)
    6- The Raveonettes-D.R.U.G.S (In and Out of Control)
    5- Julian Casablancas, Danger mouse & Sparkle Horse-Little Girl (Dark Night of the Soul)
    4- Chester French-She loves Everybody (Love the Future)
    3-Empire of the Sun-We are the People (Walking on a Dream
    2- Razorlight-Hostage of Love (Slipways and Fires)

  • 1-Arctic Monkeys-Crying Lightining (Humbug)

What makes them so great is the perfect mix between catchy intense tunes and the lyrics and in my opinion this are the best parts of the lyrics of the first 4 spots of the list I leave with the pieces of this songs that moved me in 2009.

1- And I hate that little game you had called
Crying lightning
And how you like to aggravate the icky man on rainy afternoons

2- You make yourself a prisoner of me
You blind yourself so you don't have to see

3- I can't do well when I think you’re gonna leave but I know I try
Are you gonna leave me now

4- Well she craves affection, so I use protection
And I know she loves me, she loves everybody

Thank you for reading, Happy New year



Aug 27, 2009


That phrase makes almost every person go like OHH MY GOSH! What a BAD PERSON you are for even thinking that, so I make a little research on the internet and I actually found some really cool poems containing that “forbidden”, “horrible” phrase. And I thought… Wow all the fuss people tend to make for a simple idea that has been part of some of us in a specific moment of our lives

I mean c’mon that doesn’t turn you into an evil character or a killer, please, who hasn’t been treated like dirt in a job, a school or the most common by that special someone that you thought it was different from everyone else, believe me If the phrase has cross your mind I totally get you, it’s a reaction to an unfair situation, usually we don’t really mind the injustice in the world, but It becomes a totally different thing, when you are the wronged one. It’s real, it’s only human.

But with the new wave of books, movies and theories like The Secret or stuff like that people is feeling afraid or guilty for having a bad thought or feeling, so we have these persons with fake big smiles that look like some automata. Now excuse for not being part of this whole pantomime, because even when we don’t really wish it there’s certain relief about thinking, whispering or crying out loud…HONEY I LOVED YOU, BUT NOW I HOPE YOU DIE! Amen (ha-ha).

The most ironic thing of that It will actually happen, sooner or later, it’s everybody’s destiny, so relax it’s not the end of the world if for a minute, a day, or a week, you think someone should be 6 ft. under, instead of feeling guilty or that karma is going to hunt you for the rest of your life, visit my blog, read my posts and chill.


Sorry for the long absence, but hey I’m back with all my well known bitchiness and reloaded sarcasm, but still adorable no? (Ha-ha don’t answer that)


Finally I have this quote that really suits this post I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” - Clarence Darrow



Jun 12, 2009


You are sad in your fancy place in Malibu, London, Paris or God knows where, weeping and thinking you are a terrible underrated actor (which you probably are), then this are the 5 Tips for you:


Become an even WORSE musician, just like; Jack Black, Jared Leto or Bruce Willis
You must be going "What?", Yeah it totally makes sense, that way producers and directors will give you more acting jobs, so people won't have to listen anymore of your records, plus your acting skills will be appreciated compared to the musician ones.


Say foolish things like
"Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says Chicken ... by the sea. Is that stupid?"-Jessica Simpson
How about some Megan Fox quote
"What I would say to Megatron to keep him from destroying the world. I’d barter with him, and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?"

Sure! They'll hire you to say what's in a script rather than whats on your mind.


Be part of some reality show, no matter how ridiculous you look dancing, boxing or whatever the show focuses on, that will automatically take you from the D-list to the B-list, at least.


Date or marry someone more famous than you, this is no secret weapon, it's basic common sense, I mean K-Fed, Aston Kutcher
and many more, made a whole career out of this tip.


Starr your own great scandal, go wild on Boost, maybe something that involves hookers? in a very classy Hugh Grant style. "Accidentally" loose some pictures or a video Tape involving nudity, now if that doesn't book many movie parts, you can always work in the adult industry.

After following this advices, your acting skills won't improve, but you'll be well known, you'll be summoned and people won't even care about the quality of you roles, definitively no more underrated status! But it can always go wrong so, if NONE of this tips work. Quit and retire to be a preacher a carpenter or join some strange cult.

If you DO succeed at first, try NOT to look astonished. Till next time.


GingerGinger Blog

Jun 9, 2009


We love to admire music bands or solo artists, but sometimes they make us go OMG! (not in the good way). Lets face it we all have shameful moments, thanks God nobody wants to record them with fancy video cameras and post them in public places, in fact people tends to forget our unfortunate events, this works in a totally different way for them, there are persons like me to remind you about their WHAT THEY WERE THINKING MOMENTS, enjoy!

Moment #5

The Flaming Lips

appearing in Beverly Hills 90210, Yes! believe it, this moment was so inglorious that it's impossible to find the video, but IMDB doesn't lie (ha, got ya)

Moment #4


"The heavy metal band" product of the hard, tough MTV style, and star band of Guitar hero gave us another surprise playing in a Spanish tv show called "No disparen al Pianista" (Don't shoot the pianist), IMDB has no rating for this show ( no wonder why), it's a suspicious misfortune that this video can't be found on the internet.

Moment #3

New Order

in "Baywatch". I think

Ian Curtis


rose from his grave and died again after this one, although YOUTUBE disabled the audio of the video (a merciful act), everyone can still recognize them playing in the same show where

David Hasselhoff


was the hero. Now that's wicked!

Moment #2


You thought It was over, Well... NO! Apparently the Hall of shame is a full room where the

Violent Femmes

landed on January 31st, 1997 by showing up at "Sabrina, The teenage witch"; a Nickelodeon show starred by

Melissa Joan-Hart

Imagine the picture, Better off watch it.

Moment #1


One more for the Hall

Iggy Pop

has done some awful things in TV, for example; that insurance ad, but he was already a member of this list way earlier, he won it with his terrible acting in more than one episode of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"

I don't have a solution but I admire the problem. Till next time.


       Ginger g

Jun 5, 2009


Everyone these days is talking about the new film of the Twilight saga "New Moon" and I won't be the exception, this is what I think.
A) This movie is racist! if not why the Werewolves (lycantrophes) are ethnic people, and the only African guy is an evil character, while the good Vamps are white, nice, smooth skin Caucasians, so if you are not a 5'7'' (1.70 m) light-skinned girl or a 6'1'' (1.85 m) androgynous boy don't expect to be in The Cullens coven anytime soon.
the Cullensthat jacob guy

 Above; The Cullens

 Below; Jacob the werewolf 


B) Is not sexy; if you are a hetero girl, I don't see the thrill about kissing a guy wearing more eyeliner and cherry gloss than you. I mean it was cool at Duran Duran's time but now?!
Photobucket makeup

C) The Werewolves are weird/funny, they almost look like an angry Husky dog, see! (in fact the husky looks scarier)
werewolf and husky

D) The soundtrack of the first movie is painful to listen the only worthy tracks are "Super massive black hole" by Muse and "15 Step" by Radiohead

L&HH is happy to inform you that.. TWILIGHT SUCKS!!!

Till next time, breathe and count to 10 or maybe 100 XD


        Ginger ginger blog

Jun 3, 2009


Movie Awards 2009 are a recent event (May 31st), that's what brought me to write this post. MTV channel started transmissions the August 21st of 1981, at that time it was something totally new, since then music became an industry much more concerned about physical image over the quality of the artists, also the main reason why nowadays we have pretty, empty Barbies and Kens performing on stage.

My main question is, when did MTV turn into this weapon of insanity, maybe that was the idea from the start to alienate and command the 90's and 2000's generation, but why we let a channel full of fake acts tell us what's cool or not?
As I was watching the MTV movie awards, I couldn't stop thinking; who the hell makes the scipts? Are they retarded? Who in the world thinks "Twilight" is a good movie for God's sake.
Really if you are not a 15 year-old teen full of hormones, wanting to watch flesh in a music video and you're still into MTV Please please press the ESC button in your keyboard.
I have to say with shame that when I was 13 years old I liked to watch MTV, yeah that innocent time when Semisonic's "secret smile" was on their charts, then I lost interest and gained brain cells, so I started using internet to inform myself about music.

As I was making my research for this post I took a look to the Hit-lists of MTV UK, MTVLa (Latin/Hispanic), MTV Euro Top 20 and MTV. This is what I found out the so called "Music Television" that supposedly encourages diversity has in their 4 lists:

The horrible Eminem song and video "We made you"
The Freaking unoriginal Lady Ga Ga (Ziggy Stardust wannabe)
Flo-Rida and their 80's songs remakes (How creative)
Miley Cyrus The I'm famous for being a sexually exploited underage girl (It's not like we haven't heard this before)
Ciara who cares!
Pussycat Dolls the we don't look like men with plastic surgery "women"
Black eyed peas some hip-hop band with her I have to much Botox lead singer

Also there were some unpleasant surprises; in MTVLa list Empire of the Sun (a band that I follow) is in number 2! the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (#1), Franz Ferdinand (#11) and in the Euro Top 20 Razorlight with "Wire to wire"

I hate this Details cause let's face it, when a band hits MTV's playlists it is the beginning of the END.
MTV's birth was the end of the world as we knew it and I don't feel fine. If someone else shares this thought, I'll be glad to know about you

Till next time


May 31, 2009


CW,cast,90210,little,Milligan,McCord,Adrianna Tate-duncan,Annie Wilson,grimmes
90210 . The CW had the brilliant idea of a show that includes:

  • The sunny beaches of California
  • Crazy huge houses 
  • Beautiful tan  people in skimpy clothes

And last but not least:

  • A group of  snobby kids with blown-up egos and several emotional issues

Very original, right?? (ha ha)
In the relatively new 90210 which is inspired in the old, well known "Beverly Hills 90210" the creators (Jeff Judah, Gabe Sachs) decided that at least this time it will be done with great music.

Episode 15 "Help me, Rhonda" (Feb 3, 2009): After Constance Tate-Duncan (Maeve Quinlan); the mother of the pregnant confused teen (Adrianna)
defends Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) of Ty's Mother, Silver (Jessica Stroup) goes to Peach Pitt while Liam Finn's song "Better to be" starts as background music.

Episode 20 "Between a sign and a hard place" Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Navid her goofy, but generous boyfriend (Michael Steger) are picking lunch, Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Donna (Tori Spelling) are looking for a place for Donna's new store, recognize the song ? Yes! is "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun

The first season final episode "One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer" was aired on May 19, 2009 and according to the rumors season 2 will start August 25th 2009, so it seems this fall we'll be getting more of this drama queens and 17 year-old womanizers hopefully they'll come with Good Music

Yes, like the several seasons of Troubled teens, there will be another part of this post Teen Soaps and Music III.

Have a Great Week.

H & K

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May 29, 2009


Many of you are huge fans of cute actors and actresses in their early twenties (some in their late ones also) playing 16 year-old kids, others really despise that kind of shows, in this topic I'm in the middle, for me the scripts are so... Over the top, but since the innocent corny Dawson's Creek
the music featured on Teen Soaps has caught me.
Let's start with the episode of this show "Love Bites" (season 6, ep-18) aired in April-03; the scene of Pacey (J.Jackson) and Joey (K. Holmes) at Harley's (Mika Boreem) school Dance, swinging to the rtyhm of "Just another" by Pete Yorn
a couple of minutes later the deeply sad Pacey lets Joey walk away (aww) and let me tell you I've loved "Just another" since the first time I listened.

ThenThe OC
Phantom Planet's song, CaliforniAA!!!
(Not, really just joking In fact I almost hate it) but in season's 3 episode "The Undertow" (March 2006) Volchok (Cam Gigandet) and Marissa (M. Barton) went into a moment of lust (LOL) with an amazing song interpreted by Bettie Serveert
"Lover I don't have to love" which is a cover of the Bright Eyes
original one, and as much as I like Bright eyes I don't know what version I prefer cause Bettie Serveert's voice gives it a sultry touch.

There's a lot of Music in T-Soaps that I want to post so if you are interested follow my Blog Leave your comments and wait for TEEN SOAPS & MUSIC II , I hope you've enjoyed this first part.



May 28, 2009

You Twisted Little Girl

I think many of you already know the Danger Mouse Song featuring Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) and Sparklehorse; "Little Girl", well yesterday as I played it over and over again, I couldn't avoid the idea of writing about the lyrics, and how we can feel instantly related to a song, how we can find the words completely accurate to describe our current situation or even our permanent state of mind, and that's what happened to me. I really liked it cause in my opinion it applies to many girls (including me) in fact I thinks it applies to everyone because maybe you are a Twisted, tortured, funny girl or you have dated one. :)) After all this reflection I here are the lyrics of "Little Girl"

Little Girl

A trick that people use to make you think they are smart
Is confidence when actually they're lost in the dark
Only someone with the mind of a child says he'll grow up
The seven and the avalanche you're life will show up
It's nice to be loved it can never happen too late
I wanna share my food but you have stolen my plate

Hey now, hey now go your way now

You tortured little girl
Showing them what love is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone, gone, gone

You get the point now
You pick yourself up off the bars
He's on his arm now
Cause they remind you off the pictures on the wall now
But you was young and I wasn't not even born yet
If you think I know a little more bit
You have this person on the streets you aren't correct
Because I make no random shit, not hear to preach men
You knowI just wanna have fun, go to the beach, man
That's all I am, I'm just a simple guy who talks when

You put a microphone in front of him

You twisted little girl showing them what life is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone

Running left in a relationship
Going in circles and I just can't wait
Running left so we can get in shape
Get in shape because we can't escape
Running left because I'm already late
Really not, I'm in the exact same place
Running laps in your relationship
Running away from the subtleties of
The world's always amazed at how much cash you made
But not at how you made it, it's just strange
It sounded kind of cool over the phone
It killed your neighbors and their dog and crushed their bones

You tortured little girl
Showing them what laughter's all about
Where did all the wine go?
Every night it's gone

You got it all worked out
Funny little girl
Showing them what pain is all about
Where did all the time go?
Every night it's gone, gone, gone

You're the coolest girl in this whole town I just wanna parade you around

Listen it at :

May 27, 2009

Welcome to Life and high heels

I'm just a girl in my early twenties, living in a big city full of noise, lights and buildings. The typical crowded place filled with stories of love, death, loneliness and joy, some shallow, many others profound.

My name is not that important but you can call me Ginger, and I hope you have fun reading my blog, I'm also interested in your opinions so don't forget to leave your comments.

To the guys that maybe think that this is some girly-girl blog that will show hair and makeup tips (not that I have anything against them) It won't be like that, remember... You can't judge a blog just by it's title.