Aug 27, 2009


That phrase makes almost every person go like OHH MY GOSH! What a BAD PERSON you are for even thinking that, so I make a little research on the internet and I actually found some really cool poems containing that “forbidden”, “horrible” phrase. And I thought… Wow all the fuss people tend to make for a simple idea that has been part of some of us in a specific moment of our lives

I mean c’mon that doesn’t turn you into an evil character or a killer, please, who hasn’t been treated like dirt in a job, a school or the most common by that special someone that you thought it was different from everyone else, believe me If the phrase has cross your mind I totally get you, it’s a reaction to an unfair situation, usually we don’t really mind the injustice in the world, but It becomes a totally different thing, when you are the wronged one. It’s real, it’s only human.

But with the new wave of books, movies and theories like The Secret or stuff like that people is feeling afraid or guilty for having a bad thought or feeling, so we have these persons with fake big smiles that look like some automata. Now excuse for not being part of this whole pantomime, because even when we don’t really wish it there’s certain relief about thinking, whispering or crying out loud…HONEY I LOVED YOU, BUT NOW I HOPE YOU DIE! Amen (ha-ha).

The most ironic thing of that It will actually happen, sooner or later, it’s everybody’s destiny, so relax it’s not the end of the world if for a minute, a day, or a week, you think someone should be 6 ft. under, instead of feeling guilty or that karma is going to hunt you for the rest of your life, visit my blog, read my posts and chill.


Sorry for the long absence, but hey I’m back with all my well known bitchiness and reloaded sarcasm, but still adorable no? (Ha-ha don’t answer that)


Finally I have this quote that really suits this post I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” - Clarence Darrow




Sujit said...

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MegaMan the MadMan said...

But I want to be an evil character..

Sigma said...

We need some updates here baby ;) Hope you're having a nice week xoxo