Dec 30, 2009

The Good from 2009

Best Songs of 2009

Dear readers if you expect to find "Poker Face" on this list, you have the wrong blog list, no I don't like Lady Gaga, or Shakira so forget about "She Wolf" or anything like that.
My post is about the songs I think are the best of this 2009, I hope some of you agree with me, and I you don't well... ASK ME IF I CARE (hahaha) one way or another if you enjoy my list let me know.

  • 20-Stellastarr*-Prom Zombie (Civilized)
    19-The Xx-Infinity (The Xx)
    18- Kings of Convenience-Me in you (Declaration of Dependance)
    17- Franz Ferdinand-Katherine Kiss me (Tonight)
    16- Julian Casablancas-11 th Dimension (Phrazes for the Young)
    15- The Temper Tramp-Sweet Disposition (500 Days of Summer OST)
    14- Franz Ferdinand-No You Girls Never Know (Tonight)
    13- Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Runaway (It's a Blitz!)
    12- Arctic Monkeys-Cornerstone (Humbug)
    11- Kings Of Convenience-Boat behind ( Declaration of Dependace)

  • 10- The Raveonettes-Suicide (In and Out of Control)
    9- The Xx-Crystalised (The Xx)
    8-Phoenix-Liztomania (Wolfang Amadeus Phoenix)
    7- Empire of The Sun-Walking on a Dream (Walking on a Dream)
    6- The Raveonettes-D.R.U.G.S (In and Out of Control)
    5- Julian Casablancas, Danger mouse & Sparkle Horse-Little Girl (Dark Night of the Soul)
    4- Chester French-She loves Everybody (Love the Future)
    3-Empire of the Sun-We are the People (Walking on a Dream
    2- Razorlight-Hostage of Love (Slipways and Fires)

  • 1-Arctic Monkeys-Crying Lightining (Humbug)

What makes them so great is the perfect mix between catchy intense tunes and the lyrics and in my opinion this are the best parts of the lyrics of the first 4 spots of the list I leave with the pieces of this songs that moved me in 2009.

1- And I hate that little game you had called
Crying lightning
And how you like to aggravate the icky man on rainy afternoons

2- You make yourself a prisoner of me
You blind yourself so you don't have to see

3- I can't do well when I think you’re gonna leave but I know I try
Are you gonna leave me now

4- Well she craves affection, so I use protection
And I know she loves me, she loves everybody

Thank you for reading, Happy New year




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