Jun 5, 2009


Everyone these days is talking about the new film of the Twilight saga "New Moon" and I won't be the exception, this is what I think.
A) This movie is racist! if not why the Werewolves (lycantrophes) are ethnic people, and the only African guy is an evil character, while the good Vamps are white, nice, smooth skin Caucasians, so if you are not a 5'7'' (1.70 m) light-skinned girl or a 6'1'' (1.85 m) androgynous boy don't expect to be in The Cullens coven anytime soon.
the Cullensthat jacob guy

 Above; The Cullens

 Below; Jacob the werewolf 


B) Is not sexy; if you are a hetero girl, I don't see the thrill about kissing a guy wearing more eyeliner and cherry gloss than you. I mean it was cool at Duran Duran's time but now?!
Photobucket makeup

C) The Werewolves are weird/funny, they almost look like an angry Husky dog, see! (in fact the husky looks scarier)
werewolf and husky

D) The soundtrack of the first movie is painful to listen the only worthy tracks are "Super massive black hole" by Muse and "15 Step" by Radiohead

L&HH is happy to inform you that.. TWILIGHT SUCKS!!!

Till next time, breathe and count to 10 or maybe 100 XD


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