Jun 12, 2009


You are sad in your fancy place in Malibu, London, Paris or God knows where, weeping and thinking you are a terrible underrated actor (which you probably are), then this are the 5 Tips for you:


Become an even WORSE musician, just like; Jack Black, Jared Leto or Bruce Willis
You must be going "What?", Yeah it totally makes sense, that way producers and directors will give you more acting jobs, so people won't have to listen anymore of your records, plus your acting skills will be appreciated compared to the musician ones.


Say foolish things like
"Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says Chicken ... by the sea. Is that stupid?"-Jessica Simpson
How about some Megan Fox quote
"What I would say to Megatron to keep him from destroying the world. I’d barter with him, and say instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?"

Sure! They'll hire you to say what's in a script rather than whats on your mind.


Be part of some reality show, no matter how ridiculous you look dancing, boxing or whatever the show focuses on, that will automatically take you from the D-list to the B-list, at least.


Date or marry someone more famous than you, this is no secret weapon, it's basic common sense, I mean K-Fed, Aston Kutcher
and many more, made a whole career out of this tip.


Starr your own great scandal, go wild on Boost, maybe something that involves hookers? in a very classy Hugh Grant style. "Accidentally" loose some pictures or a video Tape involving nudity, now if that doesn't book many movie parts, you can always work in the adult industry.

After following this advices, your acting skills won't improve, but you'll be well known, you'll be summoned and people won't even care about the quality of you roles, definitively no more underrated status! But it can always go wrong so, if NONE of this tips work. Quit and retire to be a preacher a carpenter or join some strange cult.

If you DO succeed at first, try NOT to look astonished. Till next time.


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keb said...

Whoa! Nice Ginger! Now I can post comments on your blog. Really cool! How do you say Jack Black is a bad singer btw? Hahaha, I really like his style though. Nice!

Argent Ounce said...

Cuando nos deleitaras con otro post? Tienes un buen estilo y creo que sería una lástima si lo dejas ir.