Jun 9, 2009


We love to admire music bands or solo artists, but sometimes they make us go OMG! (not in the good way). Lets face it we all have shameful moments, thanks God nobody wants to record them with fancy video cameras and post them in public places, in fact people tends to forget our unfortunate events, this works in a totally different way for them, there are persons like me to remind you about their WHAT THEY WERE THINKING MOMENTS, enjoy!

Moment #5

The Flaming Lips

appearing in Beverly Hills 90210, Yes! believe it, this moment was so inglorious that it's impossible to find the video, but IMDB doesn't lie (ha, got ya)

Moment #4


"The heavy metal band" product of the hard, tough MTV style, and star band of Guitar hero gave us another surprise playing in a Spanish tv show called "No disparen al Pianista" (Don't shoot the pianist), IMDB has no rating for this show ( no wonder why), it's a suspicious misfortune that this video can't be found on the internet.

Moment #3

New Order

in "Baywatch". I think

Ian Curtis


rose from his grave and died again after this one, although YOUTUBE disabled the audio of the video (a merciful act), everyone can still recognize them playing in the same show where

David Hasselhoff


was the hero. Now that's wicked!

Moment #2


You thought It was over, Well... NO! Apparently the Hall of shame is a full room where the

Violent Femmes

landed on January 31st, 1997 by showing up at "Sabrina, The teenage witch"; a Nickelodeon show starred by

Melissa Joan-Hart

Imagine the picture, Better off watch it.

Moment #1


One more for the Hall

Iggy Pop

has done some awful things in TV, for example; that insurance ad, but he was already a member of this list way earlier, he won it with his terrible acting in more than one episode of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"

I don't have a solution but I admire the problem. Till next time.


       Ginger g